The Day I Finally Bought My Dream Bag


The Day I Finally Bought My Dream Bag

Louis Vuitton Neo Noe Bolso De Marca

On this day (March 07, 2021) I woke up early, worked on a campaign, and got ready to take outfit photos. Honestly, since quarantine began last year, I have been feeling like my life is in "autopilot" mode. I don't know... every day seems the same. So, going out to take outfit photos has been a really nice change. I love dressing up and feeling "normal and alive" once again. 

Anyhow, March was also my birthday month and there was something that I wanted to cross off from my wish-list. This item has been on my mind for over ten years and I finally decided it was time to start planning and saving up for it, or else it would always be a "dream." I'm talking about the holly-grail of bags– the Chanel Classic Flap.

If you are a fashion lover, you know that Coco Chanel is a fashion icon and that the Classic flap bag is more than just a bag— it has fashion historical value. So, when I finally saved up enough for it, I wanted to run and buy it, but I also wanted to make that day special, so I waited a couple of months to be able to get it on my Birthday. 

What I did not know was that, due to COVID, there weren't many being made and there were none available in my city. And to be honest, I was not going to settle for another color, another finish, another type of leather... I wanted the exact same one that I had been dreaming of. So, on this day, after I got home from taking the outfit photos, I received a call that the Rodeo Drive location in Los Angeles (which is 2.5 hours away) had just received the shipment. So, after thinking about it for about 2 seconds, I decided to make the drive and get the bag! After all, I was already made-up and ready! 

The 2.5 hour drive (5 hours back and forth) was definitely worth it! I tried on the Chanel 19 bag and the Coco Handle (two bags that I absolutely love), but I did not have eyes (or money lol) for any other one. 

Today I'm sharing with you my outfit photos and a couple of photos I took at the store. I'm excited to finally cross-off the Chanel Classic Flap bag in Caviar from my "wish list"! Woho! What is the one item that you've had on your list for a really long time?

Outfit of the Day

Shopping Time

Coco Handle Chanel Bolso

This is the Coco Handle from Chanel. It looks very similar to the Classic Flap and it has a lower price tag. I loved it and I want to add one to my wardrobe soon. 

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