Top Scary Movies on Netflix 2018


Top Scary Movies on Netflix 2018

Here are my favorite horror movies found on Netflix. Perfect for Halloween.

Raise your hand if you are a horror movie fan! ðŸ™‹ I' am. A few months ago I started a new Youtube channel in Spanish that focuses on mystery and horror stories. As part of my October repertoire I made a video on my top 5 scary movies on Netflix and I wanted to share my recommendations with you. 

Here are my top 5 scary movies on Netflix!

1. Pay The Ghost

This is one of my ultimate favorite scary movies. In this 2015 horror movie, Mike (Nicolas Cage) is devastated when his son is abducted during a halloween parade. In Pay the Ghost Mike has the task to discover what happened to his son. The movie has many scary and jump scenes, but most importantly, it is a well developed story that does not leave you with unanswered questions at the end. 

2. The Ritual


The Ritual is a 2017 release and a Netflix Original. It narrates the story of a group of friends who travel to Sweden for a forest excursion. During their hike one of them gets hurt, and they are forced to take a short-cut through the forest. This decision turned out to be deadly. They soon encountered forces stronger than them. 

3. Veronica

Veronica was released in 2017 and it narrates Veronica's haunting ordeal after playing the deadly and dangerous ouija game. The scariest part of this movie is that it's inspired by the true story of a young woman named Estefania Gutierrez. Estefania's case is one of the only  documented paranormal cases in Spain. 

4. Friend Request

Friend Request, released in 2016, is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this story, Marina, an anti-social girl, befriends Laura, the popular girl on her class. Marina becomes obsessed with Laura and after feeling left out of a party that Laura held to celebrate her birthday, she confronts her. After feeling rejected and alone, Marina commits suicide and that's when the haunting begins! 

5. Ghost House

Ghost House (2017) takes place in Thailand. In this story two American tourists are tricked into a dangerous situation, one that they cannot easily escape. After taking something from a Ghost House, Julie is persecuted by a dark force who will take her soul; however, her boyfriend tries to do everything in his power to save her from being dragged to hell by the angry ghost. This movie will keep you entertained from beginning to end and it will certainly leave you up at night!

What are your favorite scary movies? 

*Below is my Spanish youtube video with my top 5 scary movies recommendations (in case you speak Spanish). 

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