My Outfits for Hispanicize Los Angeles 2018


My Outfits for Hispanicize Los Angeles 2018

My Outfits for Hispanicize LA 2018

Last week I attended the Hispanicize conference where I met many Latinx influencers and made many new friends. This year I had the honor to be invited as one of their social media ambassadors, which made me feel super happy because for many years this conference had been on my wish-list, but for one reason or another I could not attend.  Hispanicize usually takes place in Miami, but in the recent years they have included an L.A. date. This year the conference took place from October 11 to October 13. The following are my conference outfits! 

Day 1


The conference began on October 11. I attended the opening party hosted by Telemundo who were celebrating the Latin American Music Awards. For this event I decided to wear a black dress and the long faux leather jacket pictured above! I loved this outfit, and many of the attendees did too!

Day 2
Vestido Verde en Tallas Grandes

On October 12 I attended many interesting panels, but my favorite one was the "How To Go From a Job To a Dream Job." Diego Rejtman, the General Manager of de Microsoft, shared with us his personal experiences and explained how he was able to reach his dream job by incorporating his passions. He explained that nothing is impossible, and he inspired us to keep dreaming. 

Later in the day I also met Laura Sanchez at the Colgate booth. Laura is a girl that I admire a lot because, just like me, she has a Spanish speaking youtube channel focused on beauty. She is extremely successful and authentic. 
Conferencia Hispanicize Los Angeles

Laura Sanchez Youtuber y Alessandra

Day 3

On the third day I decided to change it up and leave dresses for another day, as you can see above. I assisted various interesting panels that were also very inspiring. The panel on "Latinx Diversity in Beauty and Fashion" was another one of my favorite panels. The talented Angel Merino (Mac Daddyy), Susie Nino & Monica Veloz shared their career experiences as Latinos in the beauty and fashion industry and called for brands to be more inclusive.  

Another panel that I enjoyed was the "Latinx LGBTQ's Impact on Pop Culture." The panelists spoke about many important topics for the Latino and LGBTQ community. They shared their personal experiences as members of the LGBTQ community and Latino community and left the audience with many positive messages. They inspired us to work together, to collaborate with each other, and to take care of our sexual health and defeat the stigma of getting tested for HIV.

On this day I also had the amazing opportunity to meet Vadhir Derbez, a talented actor, singer, and Youtuber. At the end of the day we attended the early screening of Halloween! As many of you know, I LOVE scary movies, so I could not have asked for a better closing adventure! 

Película de Halloween 2018 en Hispanicize

Overall, I enjoyed every second of this conference and I'm very thankful to have been a part of it. If you do not want to miss out on the next one, whether it be in Los Angeles or Miami, check out the Hispanicize official website

If you want to see my instagram stories from the conference, check out my Hispanicize story highlight on  Instagram!

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