Shoes of Prey: Design Your Own Shoes


Shoes of Prey: Design Your Own Shoes

Shoes are courtesy of Shoes of Prey. All opinions are my own. 
Plus Size Outfit Inspiration

Have you ever imagined how Cinderella felt when she put on the glass slippers? Well, that's exactly how I felt when I put on these heels from Shoes of Prey which, by the way, were designed by none other than.... ME! ðŸ™€Shoes of Prey is a website that lets you customize your shoes.They carry sizes 2-15 US and many of their models come in narrow, wide, and extra wide. 

Some of the customizations that Shoes of Prey offers include, picking the material, the color, the shape of the shoe, the width of the heel, and the height too. There are many other ways to customize each model to make it unique and, most importantly, make it fit you like a glove! 

For girls who find it difficult to find shoes in large or wide sizes, this is an excellent option. Yes, it can be a little more expensive than your average shoes, but they are worth every penny.

I designed this style thinking about the events where I have to be standing for hours, thus the height and width of the heel, and I also wanted a color that would make my outfit pop. While designing it, I was a bit nervous that I might not like the design in person; however, when they arrived they looked exactly the same as the website simulation. These shoes are exactly what I envisioned!

FYI: Shoes of Prey ships internationally! If you order your own personal shoes, use code "AlessandraGonzalez" to get a free inscription (valued at $ 49 USD)! 

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