Birthday Outfit: Affordable Plus Size Fashion


Birthday Outfit: Affordable Plus Size Fashion

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I know i'm not the only one that feels that you need to "dress-up" on your birth day. I mean, that is the perfect time to be and feel special. So, why not wear the crown, the fancy dress, or the "it's my birthday" shirt? Hey, many of us have endured a lot of struggles and pain, so why not take that special day to celebrate that you made it? 

This was me last week on my birthday! I dressed up and showed off my balloons because, why not? I honestly had a great birthday. I felt special because of my outfit, but most importantly because of the especial people in my life who took a moment to celebrate me. 

Birthday Dress!

The  Dress costs less than $30 dollars and it is from the online store Gear Best. It is beautiful and I like that the inner skirt is shorter than the tule because it makes it look very romantic and chic.  To be honest, it is not the best quality, but it did make me feel very special on that day. If you want to get this dress click here !  

JustFab Shoes

The shoes were essential in completing this special birthday outfit. The mint pop of color complemented perfectly the white and gray tones of the dress. They were sent by  JustFab - a monthly subscription services for shoes, bags, and clothing. JustFab is the perfect service for fashion lovers because it allows you to innovate every month. 

Opening up the package from JustFab was like opening a birthday present. As soon as I saw the shoes in person, I had to try them on! The height is perfect, the color is one that I do not yet own, the thick sole gives the perfect balance, and the bow in the back definitely gave it that romantic touch that I love. 

Combined with the dress, these two pieces made my birthday outfit go from being cute to being impeccable. I love them!

To all of my Pisces out there, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy the ride!
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Atuendos Para Chicas gorditas!

affordable plus size clothing

Gearbest vestidos en tallas grandes

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