Boutique + Jeggings and Plaid: The Perfect Combination


Boutique + Jeggings and Plaid: The Perfect Combination

I'm one of those girls that often finds herself staring at her closet (full of clothes BTW) thinking she has nothing to wear. And, to be honest, I KNOW i'm not the only one. I'm sure you, YES YOU, have also found yourself in that predicament ­čś╣. On one of those occasions I created this outfit. Yes, I know it's a semi-casual outfit, but as much as I have worn each of the pieces individually, I have never ever put them together, and when I did.... Oh, I feel in love! Plus, the heels gave it that perfect pop of color! 

Oh, and let's also talk about these lashes! I LOVE THEM. I think I used them on my previous post too haha. No, I'm not being paid to speak about them, I just wear them too often lol.  These are the Jet Setter lashes from PUR Cosmetics!  

Do you want to see the outfit details? Keep on reading...


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