Workwear Outfit: Little Wins of the Day


Workwear Outfit: Little Wins of the Day

I have been compensated by ZonePerfect for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own.
Time goes by extremely quick and I know that many of us feel that there are not enough hours in a day to accomplish all that we need to do. Many of us have to go to work and/or school, take care of children, some us are caretakers, we need to take our pets for walks, do homework... and I'm sure the list goes on and on.

Although we try to fulfill all of our responsibilities the best that we can, sometimes taking care of everyone else leads us to neglect ourselves, which often leads to making bad snacking choices. Some of us may be the type of person that leaves home without breakfast and does not eat anything all day, and others may be the type to snacks on anything easily accessible at the moment– like candy, chips, donuts etc. Neither of those options are the best and sometimes we just need something quick and easy to satisfy our snacking needs, like the ZonePerfect nutrition bars.

When I purchased the ZonePerfect bars at Walmart, I honestly did not expect to love them. I thought they were going to have that distinct flavor that many protein bars have, but when I tried the Chocolate Almond Raisin bars, I fell in love instantly. They are delicious and taste just like a bar that you find in the cereal section would, except that these ones are located in the pharmacy isle and are not just any bar, they are protein bars that give your body protein, vitamins, minerals and, delicious flavor.
As I mentioned above, these nutrition bars give you added benefits, like protein and vitamins. That is one of the reasons why these bars are the perfect emergency snack option. 
Lately, I've been takin a bar with me to work so that I can enjoy it during my break and avoid snacking on other foods that do not give me any added benefits. Plus, I also avoid having my stomach empty during the mornings.

Being a blogger, believe it or not, also adds a little bit of stress to my life. I enjoy it, but it is hard work. For example, if I want my boyfriend to take my photos, I need to wake up super early so that he can take them before he goes to work. On this particular day I took my ZonePerfect bars with me. My boyfriend refused to try them at first because, you know, we've all tasted certain proteins bars that taste a bit weird. After I convinced him to try it, he fell in love with them as well. He even stole a bar to take to work since we had gone to take photos without eating breakfast first. Without a doubt, ZonePerfect saved the day!

The small changes we make now can have a great impact in our lives in the future. If you tend to snack during the day, give these ZonePerfect bars a try. They are the perfect emergency snacks that won't make you feel guilty afterwards. Remember that our #LittleWins can become huge victories! 

Find ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars at Walmart's Pharmacy Section!
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