New Superhero Palette from IT Cosmetics- Swatches and Review


New Superhero Palette from IT Cosmetics- Swatches and Review

This product was sent to me for consideration. All opinions are mine alone. I'm not being compensated to write this post.   
This blog post is dedicated to all of my girls and boys that love neutral palettes. This month IT Cosmetics launched their new Superhero Palette, which is an ULTA Beauty Exclusive.  For this palette, IT Cosmetics worked together with plastic surgeons to develop a new formula that will not only make our eyelids look beautiful, but will also provide anti-aging benefits. 

These new eyeshadows are built with hydrolyzed collagen, silk, peptides, and antioxidants. The palette has three Eye Foundation Eyeshadows that help neutralize the color of our eyelids and can serve as a base for your eyeshadow. The main shadows are divided in three sections, the Superhero Nudes, Superhero Neutrals, and Superhero Liners. Each section has three shadows. 

But, is this palette worth it?

The Superhero palette has a total of 12 eyeshadow colors. The price of the palette is $42 dollars, which makes each shadow approximately $3.50 each. 

I personally really like the quality of the shadows. They go on smoothly and blend very well. There is a little bit of fall-out. The few times that I used the Eye Foundation Eyeshadows as bases for my entire eyelids, I did notice that the colors I used on top diminished a little in intensity, but when I used them as I regularly do they all had great pigmentation. If you want the shadows to be more intense, you can apply them wet. 

All of the swatches you see below were made without using an eyeshadow base. All of them, with the exception of Confidence, swatched very nicely. 

Many people have commented that this palette lacks a transition color. I agree; however, I've made countless looks without the need of an additional color to complete my look. Maybe I'm too basic with my makeup, but this palette works for me 100%. 

The packaging of this palette is great, but as you can see in the photo above it gets dirty easily. Besides that, I like that it is thin and that it has a big good quality mirror. I also like the way the colors are divided, and that the names are added into the palette. 

The only negative I found regarding the packaging is that the shadows had the It logo on them, but the logo did not last at all and disappeared after a couple of uses. When I noticed that, I tried to be more careful and I tried to use the shadows around the name to be able to get a good shot for you girls and boys lol :D

Is This The Right Palette For Me?
If you are a fan of neutrals,  if you don't already have a palette with similar colors, or if you are looking for a palette that will help you achieve pretty day and night looks, then the answer is YES! 

As I mentioned before, many people think that this palette is missing a transition color; so, if you are a person that always needs to use a transition color to complete your eye look, please keep that in mind. 

But, if you like neutrals I think you will really like the Superhero palette from IT Cosmetics. I have other palettes with similar colors; however, very few have the semi-copperish color that this one has (Fearless). 

I would have liked to see colors that are rarely seen on these type of nude palettes. For example, instead of the liner shadows, maybe It Cosmetics could have added other matte colors, like an orange, burgundy, or purple/violet color. I have a ton of black shadows, so I wished they could have included another color besides that one. Nonetheless, I have been using this palette almost every single day since I received it.

I give this palette a 9 out of 10. I think the colors are exactly what I tend to use (with the exception of the black). The Magical shade is very pretty.  I use it more often on my lid as it looks a bit dark under my brow bone. When I want a "shimmery" highlight, I use Magical on the brow bone and top it  off with any of the other Foundation shades to make the highlight lighter. 

Overall, if you are a lover of neutrals like me, I would recommend It Cosmetics Superhero, but keep in mind the points I previously stated to make sure this is the right palette for you. Although this palette is new, you may already have similar colors on other palettes. 

What intrigues me most about these shadows is the anti-aging properties. In the time I have been using it, I have not seen any changes in the texture of my lids; however, I imagine that after months or years of using shadows with anti-aging properties we will be able to see the benefits. 

If you already have the Superhero Palette from IT Cosmetics let me know your opinion, and if you are still trying to decide, check out the swatches below.

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Superhero Swatches
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