Hello Kitty Plus Size Line: Bralette and Jeggings


Hello Kitty Plus Size Line: Bralette and Jeggings

Moda Para Gorditas 2016
Who else was or is a Hello Kitty fan? ME!!🙋 I still remember having my school pencil box full of Hello Kitty, Pochacco, and Keroppi, mechanical pencils. So, when Torrid released their Hello Kitty Collection  I went crazy! I ordered many things, some worked, others didn't, but I was very happy with my finds. I like that some of the pieces can even be worn to work. An example is this red/orange cardigan. From afar you can't really see the Hello Kitty faces or the bow buttons, but from up close you can see all of the cute details that make this cardigan, a MUST HAVE. 

I'm still young at heart, and for me Hello Kitty will never be out of style; however, there comes a time in our lives when we feel too old to wear certain pieces. That thinking, I have found, makes our hearts and souls age faster. For me, this outfit sort of challenged that idea, as I'm wearing a Hello Kitty clothing item that proves that you can never be too old to embrace your inner Hello Kitty love, and a low cut top with a bralette! FYI: I'm new to bralettes. As a matter of fact, this was my first time wearing one, and I have to say I love it! I want one in all of the colors and designs available! I love the way they give that little peak of sexy, and how they flatter the chest area. This top/bralette combo from Lovesick is just what my soul needed. 
Como Vestir si eres gordita?
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Top from Lovesick

Moda Para Gorditas 2016

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