Casual Dog Park Outfit + We Join the #FriendsOfBeneful Campaign


Casual Dog Park Outfit + We Join the #FriendsOfBeneful Campaign

Vicky and I are Beneful Embassadors this 2016. Like always, all opinions stated on this blog are my own and are 100% honest.
 Vicky and I share a special connection from the time we met. Many people say that pets are a lot like their owners, and I could not agree more. Vicky is a fashionista who loves dressing up, just like me! So, when Beneful contacted us to become ambassadors for their #FriendsOfBeneful campaign I did not hesitate. Vicky loves Beneful and I thought it would also be a great opportunity to continue bonding with my special friend, Vicky! And, of course, I wanted to also share with you more exciting news about Beneful and their dry and wet food line, which was recently reformulated to provide more nutrition and flavor to our pets diet. 

On this occasion, Vicky and I want to share with you our casual outfits of the day– park edition. 

Dog Parks

If you are a pet owner then you may know that there are special dog parks where your pet can be leash-free. These parks tend to have a fence to allow your four legged friend to be free and run and play as much as they want. I have to confess that all of the parks I've gone to do not have a lot of grass (Vicky adores grass) and there's not many dog parks close to me either. Beneful is hoping to change that dilemma for many pet owners. 

In the last five rears Beneful has helped gather funds to help communities create or re-store their dog parks.  This year they will be helping create and restore 12 parks. They will be providing funds and volunteer work in order to help make it happen. 

I don't know about you, but Vicky and I dream of having a dog park close by that has a lot of grass, trees, and dog fountains. What we tend to do for now is take Vicky to the leash-free dog park and then also take her to the "regular" park for a little while so that she can play in the grass, which is what she loves to do the most. 

I recently found out that Beneful helped restore a dog park in San Diego. I'm really excited to visit the park, which, based on the photos, does seem to have a lot of green in it. If you want to see information about the parks Beneful has helped create/restore, Click here!  And  if you want to learn how you can create a new dog park from scratch in your city or how to renovate your existing dog park, visit Beneful's website where they talk more in-depht about the 2016 Dream Dog Park Project.

Park Essentials

As part of our involvement with the #FriendsWithBeneful campaign, Beneful sent Vicky an amazing welcome package with gifts and coupons for food. THANK YOU BENEFUL! These products are essential when going to the park with your four legged friend. We always have to remember to take water, bags to pick up after our pets, a leash, toys, and, in case you will be staying for a long time at the park or having a picnic, also remember to pack food. Pets want to eat too! 

On my recent visit to the pet store, I purchased the 3 oz pack of Chicken IncrediBites. These are the perfect size cans when traveling, and at home too. I think that their size allows us to keep food fresh and prevents us from wasting food when our pets do not want to finish it all.  When Vicky saw us open the can she immediately got excited. She ate it all! When we got home she went towards her Purina Bag where the other cans were located and she asked for more. :) Our pets may not speak, but they know how to let us know when they want something. 

Vicky's OOTD 
As I mentioned at the beginning, Vicky is a fashionista! She loves dresses and likes to be on trend. Every time we pull out a dress from her little bag of personal belongings, she gets super excited! This is her casual outfit of the day to go to the park. 

My Outfit

Since I'm a fashion blogger, I could not stay behind and I wanted to share my very casual outfit as well. As you can see, my legs are super pale, so I took advantage of our park outing to try to get a little leg tan, which did not happen by the way! :( What did happen was that I had an amazing day spending time with my Mom, Vicky, and the Boyfriend. What else can I ask for from life?

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