3 Green Tea Recipes That Will Help You Start Your New Year's Resolutions


3 Green Tea Recipes That Will Help You Start Your New Year's Resolutions

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The new year has officially kicked off and most of us are pumped to begin a new chapter in our life story. How many of you have the new year's resolution to be healthier this 2015? That's me too!  That is why I wanted to share with you a couple of awesome/delicious/affordable/quick/easy recipes that will help us achieve that goal. Let's face it, many of us begin the year pumped up and somewhere along the line "we drop the towel." Part of it, I think, has to do with getting bored with routine. Green tea is awesome, but how many cups can we drink before we get tired of the same drink over and over again? To avoid that, I decided to share with you three ways to spice up your green tea using Bigelow Green Tea and a zero-calorie sweetener. 

Green Tea

Why did I choose green tea? Well, green tea has many antioxidants, it helps reduce stress, it contains many vitamins (like C and E), aids in the weight-loss process, protects against cancer, and it also lowers cholesterol. Those are just a few of the many benefits of green tea which I hope to gain. 

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Green Tea Mango Smoothie

What You'll Need
Serving Size: Three Cups
1 Cup of frozen or freshly cut mangoes 
1 Banana 
1 Cup of ice
1 1/2 cups of boiled water and
2 Truvia Sweetener Bags 

1. Add the two Bigelow Green Tea bags into the boiled water and let it cool down. 
2. Once cold, add everything on a blender and add two Truvia sweetener bags*. 
3. Blend and serve immediately. 

*FYI: Truvia is a natural sweetener made from the stevia plant. It has zero calories which makes it a smart choice when it comes to decreasing the amount of calorie intake that we put into our bodies; therefore, helping us get closer to our goal. Oh, and it doesn't taste bad at all. Request a free sample at the Truvia Site or find it at many retailers nationwide. I got mine from Target and I used my favorite shopping app, the Cartwheel to get an extra 10% off my purchase

 Green Tea Lemonade

What You'll Need
Serving Size: 2 
1 1/2 cups of green tea (cold)
3 Lemons 
1 Truvia Bag 
A Lemon Squeezer 

1. Squeeze the juice from the three lemons into the green tea 
2. Add a your sweetener 
3. Use a spoon to mix everything 
4. Serve with ice if you'd like

This is probably my favorite recipe. It is quick, easy, and you can make a full jar to drink throughout the day and/or take to work or school. 

Grape Green Tea Smoothie

This is a very refreshing smoothie. It is my family's favorite. 

What You'll Need
Serving Size: 3
1 Cup of grapes
1/2 Cup of frozen Pineapple
1 Cup of ice
1 Cup of Green Tea (cold)
2 Bags of Sweetener/ Truvia

1. Add everything on the blender and mix. 
2. Drink Immediately 

So, which of these recipes was your favorite? Green Tea does not have to be boring. As you can see, we can spice it up and make delicious varieties that will keep us on track to reach our goals. What are you currently doing to reach your 2015 resolutions? 

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    1. Si vives en México lo puedes encontrar en cualquier supermercado y se llama Stevia...

  2. Me gusta mucho el té verde, se los recomiendo, combinado con té limón. Me gustaron mucho tus ideas, por lo pronto voy a hacer la limonada...porque el frappé todavía no se me antoja con este frío!!!! gracias.