Jordana 12 Hr Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencils and Eyeliners


Jordana 12 Hr Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencils and Eyeliners

*These products were sent for review, this does not change/influence my review!
These Jordana 12 hr Made to Last Cream Shadow Sticks are AWESOME! They do not crease on me and the price is great. They only cost $3.99 and they work like a charm. It's hard to avoid comparison with NYX's Jumbo Pencils because they are the same concept, and I have to say that Jordana did an amazing job. These Cream Shadows are far superior. They do not crease (on me at least) and they last a very long time. You do have to work fast, as they dry somewhat quickly, but that wasn't an issue for me. I particularly liked Pink Evermore and Prolong Purple. Both of those colors have shimmer, and  the shimmer does not disappear throughout the day. You MUST buy those two, they are perfect for night/party looks!
You can purchase Jordana Cosmetics at many local Drugstores or at CherryCulture.Com. It ships internationally!

Jordana's 12 HR Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencils are also part of the long lasting line that Jordana recently released. I have to say that I'm happily surprised by the quality of Jordana's products. These eyeliners lasted pretty well. Black Point, the black eyeliner, is intense and creamy. On my eyelid it worked perfectly. It did not move or smudge; however, it did not last as long on the waterline.

Overall, I did like these eye pencils, and at $2.49 they are a MUST TRY! My only critique is that some of the colors are similar (if not the same) as the ones of the cream sticks (except the grey). If there is a color that you like, you can purchase it in the "jumbo" size and use a liner brush to line the eyes. I tried that technique with the Stay-On Black Cream Shadow, and it worked perfectly! You can purchase these eyeliners at many local Drugstores or at CherryCulture.Com

12 Hr Made To Last Cream Shadows

Jordana Cream Shadow Sticks (Left to Right) Eternal White, Pink Evermore, Stay-On Black, Aqua Last, Endless Emerald, Prolong Purple, Continuous Almond, Tenacious Brown.

See the Sparkle

12 Hr Made to Last Eyeliners

12 hr Liquid Eyeliners (Left to Right): Jade Jewel, Aqua Stone, Espresso Last, Purple Fix, Charcoal Definition, Black Point. 


  1. These look amazing! we've heard so much about these but they aren't physcially available in Australia. And being the fuss pots we are, we like to swatch products before buying them

  2. I'm going to have to try these and compare them to the Rimmel Scandaleyes. Thanks for the review!


  3. que colores tan hermosos e intensos. Ya era hora que Jordana mejorara sus productos...