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Top Scary Movies on Netflix 2018

Here are my favorite horror movies found on Netflix. Perfect for Halloween.

Raise your hand if you are a horror movie fan! 🙋 I' am. A few months ago I started a new Youtube channel in Spanish that focuses on mystery and horror stories. As part of my October repertoire I made a video on my top 5 scary movies on Netflix and I wanted to share my recommendations with you. 

Here are my top 5 scary movies on Netflix!

Green Lace Semi-Casual Outfit

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration with McDonald's.
Tienda Asiatica en Tallas Grandes

Can you believe 2018 is coming to an end very soon? This year, like the ones before, has gone by way too fast. These last couple of months have very difficult for me because I've had to make many difficult decisions, but I have slowly come to realize that, although difficult, they have been the best for me. One of the things that really helps me start my day (especially the difficult ones) is coffee. I love coffee! 

Today I was invited to McDonald's to try their two new McCafé Cold Brew Coffee drinks. I tried the McCafé Marble Cold Brew. To be honest, the name just called me. I love marble lol! The Marble Cold Brew is an enhanced McCafé. It is prepared with sweet creamy syrup and swirls of light cream. It is DELICIOUS! 

If you do not like your coffee to be too sweet, then the regular McCafé Cold Brew Coffee will be the best option for you as you can customize it to your liking. For now these beverages are only available in San Diego, but hopefully they will soon be found in other cities! 

My Outfits for Hispanicize Los Angeles 2018

My Outfits for Hispanicize LA 2018

Last week I attended the Hispanicize conference where I met many Latinx influencers and made many new friends. This year I had the honor to be invited as one of their social media ambassadors, which made me feel super happy because for many years this conference had been on my wish-list, but for one reason or another I could not attend.  Hispanicize usually takes place in Miami, but in the recent years they have included an L.A. date. This year the conference took place from October 11 to October 13. The following are my conference outfits! 

Born to Run Swatches: My Current Obsession

*This product was sent by Urban Decay. All opinions are my own.
Swatches from Born to Run Palette

We live in a  time where brands are constantly releasing new palettes, and as we get closer to the holidays we see more and more new items hitting the market; so, since many of us are make up lovers, it becomes harder to pick where to spend our money. 

A couple of months ago Urban Decay sent me their Born to Run Palette and I have to say that it quickly became my #1 most used eyeshadow palette (as witnessed by the dirty palette pictured here and which I did try to clean lol). I have shared my love for the Born to Run palette on my social media platforms, but I wanted to share with you the swatches as well! 

The Born to Run palette retails for $49 USD and it has 21 (YES, 21!) shades. It is the perfect combination of color and neutrals and it is easy to do a morning, evening, and night look! Get yours here!

Check out the swatches and let me know your thoughts! 

Maxi Dresses: From Informal to Rocker Chic

This post is in collaboration with Macy's, one of my favorite plus size stores, and #NYcollection! 

Maxi Dresses are a must-have for summer, but you can also give them a modern and formal twist by pairing them with a leatherette jacket. This cute NY Collection dress from Macy's is cute, comfortable, and, best of all, it is also available in petite 🙌.  How do you pair your maxi dresses?  Check out the NY Collection Here!

You Are Radiant!

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You Are Radiant Mural

If there is one thing I learned from my favorite movie, Legally Blonde, is that no matter what the world says, or how they perceive you, YOU/WE are all radiant! All of us have the potential to do great things, we just need to find our passion and pursue it with all of our heart.

Upon stumbling with this wall, I could not stop looking at it and internalizing its message. We all have those moments when we do not feel radiant, when we feel like we are not enough. Finding this wall was the reminder I needed to look within myself for validation and not outwards. I AM RADIANT! I'M ENOUGH!

Beached Collection by Urban Decay: Swatches and Review

These products were courtesy of Urban Decay. I am not being compensated for doing this review and all the opinions mentioned here are my own!Swatches and Review of Beached Eyeshadow Palette, Vice Lipsticks, and Bronzers

Summer is approaching and Urban Decay knows it, and that's why they released their new collection called Beached . This collection has three lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette, two eyeliners, and two bronzers. Do you want to know which ones I think are worth it? Keep reading...